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Investigation and Resolution of Draught Product Complaints at the venue.

Why: Approximately 90% of keg complaints are venue related issues hence by visiting the venue and resolving the issues, usually by education process, long term cost savings and improved product quality are achieved. Ultimately this will lead to improved consumer satisfaction, brand loyalty and profits.

Doctor Draught

Doctor Draught at work

New Customer Setup and Education

Why: To ensure the customers beer dispensing equipment is up to the task of presenting your product as the brewer intended with minimal wastage.

Apply best practice procedures and technology from a microbiological/ scientific perspective.

Educate the staff on how to pour the beer to ensure best possible presentation in glass when it reaches the consumer. This results in customer satisfaction & repeat business.


Venue staff and consumer education on your products taste profile. Essential with new product launches. Empowered staff will lead to increased sales.

Staff Training in Product Knowledge and Dispensing
Kegging Advice and Trouble Shooting
Draught System Advice and Project Management
Chemical & Microbiological Analysis
Brewing Advice and Trouble Shooting

As of Jul1, 2016 I will no longer be doing draught beer related work but will be concentration on Distilling. I am partnering with iStill in the Netherlands, to bring a wide range of 21st century still to Australia and South East Asia. I can also offer assistance in setting up the entire distilling operation and obtaining the Australian Taxation Office licence to manufacture alcohol.

  • iStill products are state of the art technology, much cheaper than traditional copper stills and have much shorter lead times for delivery
  • Still sizes range from 100 – 5000 litre boiler/pot and can some can produce taste rich and/or neutral product like whiskey, brandy, rum, tequila, gin or vodka
  • The Next Gen Series can be used as an all in one masher, fermenter & still (depending on model) and is currently available in 500 or 2000 litre versions (100 litre coming soon)